Champion-Quality French Bulldogs: Pelis Frenchies Kennel's Digital Triumph in Richmond, USA

Welcome to the completion showcase of our website design project for Pelis Frenchies Kennel, a distinguished French Bulldog breeding establishment situated in Richmond, USA. Owned and operated by Sara Pelis, Pelis Frenchies Kennel is dedicated to breeding champion-quality French Bulldogs renowned for their health, temperament, and conformation. It has been an honor to collaborate with Pelis Frenchies Kennel to bring their passion and expertise in French Bulldog breeding to a global audience.

Project Information


Pelis Frenchies


Web Design


Sep 24, 2023


Rayville, Missouri

The Challenge

Throughout the development process, we encountered several unique challenges:

  • Brand Representation: Capturing the essence of Pelis Frenchies Kennel’s commitment to excellence while embodying Sara Pelis’s vision and values was our primary goal. We aimed to create a website that reflects the elegance, charm, and superior quality associated with French Bulldogs and Pelis Frenchies Kennel.

  • Industry Reputation: As a respected name in French Bulldog breeding, Pelis Frenchies Kennel faced the challenge of maintaining their esteemed reputation in a competitive market. Our task was to create a website that not only showcases their exceptional French Bulldogs but also reinforces their position as a trusted and reputable breeder within the industry.

  • Breed Excellence: With Pelis Frenchies Kennel’s focus on breeding top-quality French Bulldogs, our challenge was to highlight their breeding program’s excellence and the exceptional qualities of their dogs. We aimed to create a website that celebrates the unique characteristics and charm of French Bulldogs while showcasing Pelis Frenchies Kennel’s dedication to breed improvement and preservation.

The Result

After overcoming these challenges, we are proud to unveil the completed website for Pelis Frenchies Kennel:

  • Breed Showcase: The website features an extensive gallery of Pelis Frenchies Kennel’s French Bulldogs, showcasing their beauty, grace, and distinctive personalities. Each dog is presented with detailed profiles, pedigree information, and captivating photographs, allowing visitors to appreciate their unique traits and qualities.

  • Trust and Reputation: Through authentic testimonials and endorsements, the website reinforces Pelis Frenchies Kennel’s reputation as a trusted and respected breeder. Visitors can learn about Sara Pelis’s commitment to ethical breeding practices and her dedication to producing healthy, well-socialized French Bulldogs.

  • Seamless User Experience: With intuitive navigation and user-friendly design, the website offers visitors a seamless browsing experience. From exploring available puppies to learning about Pelis Frenchies Kennel’s breeding philosophy and policies, every aspect of the website is designed to engage and inform visitors effectively.